Importance of Capillary Action in Brazing

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Brazing Copper to Brass with Sil-Fos®

Find us on Amazon: HVAC/R, plumbing, and heat exchange components often involve a combination of copper tubing and brass valves, fittings, and parts. When do you need flux, and what brazing scenarios allow self-fluxing? How do you braze copper-brass components to achieve reliable joints that will perform well in the field? This video will give you step-by-step insights.

Brazing Made Easy

Easy skill to learn and opens up a whole range of creative and utilitarian uses. Some people are intimidated and make brazing far more complicated than it really is. In this video I demonstrate a simple brazed joint. Starting with lighting the torch, heating the steel to red hot and melting the brazing rod into the joint.

How to Braze Aluminum to Copper

Find us on Amazon: Joining aluminum to copper can present some challenges, if you are new to the process. Manufacturers in the HVAC/R industry are using more all-aluminum components, requiring reliable joints to copper parts. Lucas-Milhaupt will walk you step-by-step through this brazing process. We'll address procedures and alloy options that will help you successfully braze copper and aluminum components.

Supreme Skills! Screws vs. Brazing: Part 1

Part 2: This program highlights the supreme skills of Japanese engineers who compete to meet the challenge of exceptionally strict production standards. Today: Screws vs. Brazing Part One.

How-To: Braze Copper Tube

This video describes how to properly braze copper tube. Copper Development Association's Piping Specialist, Harold Moret, explains when brazing is appropriate and the different applications that use brazing. He also will take you step-by-step brazing the tube while explaining the do's and do-not's.

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We know the importance of capillary action in the brazing process. This scientific phenomenon allows molten alloy to be drawn into the joint between two metal parts. Our three-minute video will show you what capillary action is and how it works—in the lab and at the workstation. Learn about proper joint gaps and the importance of cleanliness in brazing. See the mistakes that can inhibit capillarity in your brazing operation.

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