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Toy cutting velcro cakes strawberry chocolate custard vanilla fruit cake sponge cake

Making, decorating and slicing 3 toy velcro cakes. One is a chocolate covered fruit sponge cake, one is a strawberry and cream cake and the third is a vanilla fruit cake. 2 are made of plastic and the 3rd one is a wooden toy. There are endless decorating options. This toy playset is both educational and fun for young children to play. It develops their imagination through role-play, while helping to develop their fine motor skills, problem solving skills and memory, solving puzzles and memorizing the names of various fruits and colors. It is also very affordable and great for both boys and girls. This toy is also like a puzzle for children that they can take apart and then learn how to put the pieces back together correctly to make the foods whole again. Also excellent for learning numbers and fraction. Playland is an edutainment channel for children. We aim to entertain and educate babies, toddlers and preschoolers to learn colors, shapes, numbers, spelling, as well as develop problem solving skills, fine motor skills, memory skills, and hand-eye co-ordination. We do this by using colorful and interesting toys which makes learning fun! More of our videos: Disney Pixar Cars 2 Lego Duplo Llightning McQueen Mater Race Petrol Pump Learn colors numbers learn to count 1 to 10 Play Doh ESL Speak English Spelling Baby Doll Bathtime Toy Baby Doll Toy Bathing Water Daisy Toy Velcro Cutting Food PlayDoh Oven Cooking Baking Pizza Bread Criossant Toy Set Unboxing Learn Colors with Nesting Eggs Surprise Toys Learn English for children babies toddlers Learn Colors with Balloon Pop Surprise Toys Shopkins, Disney Cars, Dora the Explorer Wooden Velcro Fruit and Vegetables Slicing Playset Slicing velcro toy vegetables Build-a-Burger Hamburger Velcro Toy Food Set Velcro Foods Cooking in Toy Oven Toy Cutting Fruit Velcro Cooking Playset Music by Silver Dolphin Music:

Toy ice cream truck Lego Friends Elsa Anna have chocolate strawberry Ice Cream playset

Toy video for children of Lego Junior Ice Cream Truck with Elsa and Anna from Frozen and 2 Lego Friends having ice cream and lots of fun! Children can build their own amazing ice cream truck with this Lego playset which is easy to assemble for kids ages 4 - 7. Playset also comes with cash register, toppings bottles, ice cream cone holder and a freezer. More videos by Playland: Toy kitchen cooking baking play-doh bread slime egg velcro cutting vegetables mentos lemonade Toy tea party playset velcro cutting fruits cakes cookies Elsa Baby Alive learn names of foods Toy Ice Cream Cart playset Elsa Minnie Mouse Dora Barbie chocolate vanilla ice cream toy food Electronic magic toy oven baking bread rolls muffins sparkling cupcakes cozy village learn colors toy toilet slime peppa pig poop noise maker Double decker London bus wooden toy educational video learn colors 3d geometrical shapes Toy food Japanese musical oden hot pot fun game unboxing toy dango dumplings Wooden toy velcro cutting cakes for children chocolate cake and vanilla cream birthday cake Baby toy learning colors video hammer ball pop up wooden toys learn English fun game

Fishing games For Kids đồ chơi câu cá trong phao by Giai tri cho Be yeu

Các bạn nhỏ thân mến, trong tập này bé Huyền giới thiệu Video: Fishing games For Kids đồ chơi câu cá trong phao by Giai tri cho Be yeu. ♥Hãy đăng ký thành viên tại đây (nhấn dòng chữ bên dưới): (nhấn vào nút ĐĂNG KÝ hoặc Subscribe, đừng quên bấm vào chuông và tích vào ô để nhận thông báo khi có videos mới nhé) ♥Xem thêm video khác tại đây: Cảm ơn các bạn đã xem video!

Baby Learns To Match ! Have Fun With Little Animals - Educational Game For Children

How are exceptional observational skills developed? Play "Baby Learns to Match"! "The Greatest Minds" are developed at a young age! Think, what tools do you need to put out a fire? Look around, where is the umbrella hidden? Click a little, find the elephant's tail! Exercise thought, learn common knowledge, and improve observational skills to become the next Sherlock Holmes! ---------- Download ------- - KidsBabybus Channel - Facebook - Google+ - Twitter ----------- More Video Baby Panda's Supermarket Grocery Store - Join The Fun Halloween Party Shopping Kids Games Baby Learn Colors, Fruits Shapes - FUNNY FOOD Fun Puzzle Children Games Little Panda play and learn basic knowledge Learn Animals For Kids & Toddlers Little Panda Save The Town | Baby Panda Fun Puzzle Game For Kids ------------

Giant Oreo ジャイアント オレオ ケーキ

Also check the community tab We made an incredibly large Oreo-like cake! We took the largest pot in our house to mix the batter. After repeated failures we found that the third time was the charm. Our hand-mixer was certainly put through the grind on this one.... There was so much batter that as it got thicker, the mixer almost gave up.No adjustments were made to the audio volume this time. Please watch while you worry, "is the hand mixer going to break?" Let's go, hand mixer!This is Mosogourmet's Epic Meal Time! とにかく大きなオレオみたいなケーキ。我が家で一番大きい おでんを煮るときに登場する鍋で生地を混ぜました。失敗続きで3度目でやっと成功。見所?は我が家のハンドミキサーのがんばり。生地の量が多く、生地が重たくなるに連れてハンドミキサーの音が・・・元気がなくなります。今回、音量の調整を一切していません。ハンドミキサー、壊れるんじゃない?と心配になりながら見てください。ファイト、ハンドミキサー! 気分はエピックミールタイム! コミュニティタブもチェック ツイッター ニコニコ動画 *レシピ*(直径 24センチ) 1.型にサラダ油を薄く塗っておく。 2.薄力粉 530g、ベーキングパウダー 16g、ブラックココアパウダー 100g、ココアパウダー 70gを合わせて、よくふるっておきます。 3. ボウルに卵 14個を溶きほぐす。 4.砂糖 350gを2〜3回に分けて加えしっかり混ぜる。 5.塩 小さじ1も加え混ぜる。 6.サラダ油 210gを加え混ぜる。 7.2を加え混ぜる。 8.牛乳 140gも入れ混ぜる。 9.1に8を流し入れる。 10.180度に予熱したオーブンで40分焼く。 11.竹串をさして何もついてこなければ焼き上がり。 12.11が冷めたら厚さを均一にカットする。 13.生クリーム 400mlに砂糖 15gを加え少し固めに泡立てる。 14.13にオレオクッキー18枚(一袋分)を割り入れ混ぜ合わせる。 15.12に14を塗りサンドする。 16.できあがり。がんばって食べる。 *メモ* ココアパウダーは薄力粉の25%に当たる量。 ココアパウダーとブラックココアパウダーは2:3の割合。 ブラックココアパウダーだけではココア風味が少ないので普通のココアパウダーを加えて作りました。 *Recipe*(24 cm diameter) 1.Lightly coat the mold with vegetable oil. 2.Sift together, cake flour 530g, baking powder 16g, black cocoa powder 100g, and cocoa powder 70g. 3.Beat 14 eggs in a bowl. 4.Add 350g of sugar in 2-3 batches, mixing well after each addition. 5.Add 1 tsp of salt, mix well. 6.Add 210g of vegetable oil, mix well. 7.Add the dry ingredients from 1, mix well. 8.Add 140g of milk, mix well. 9.Pour the batter from 8 to the prepared mold in 1. 10.Bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. 11.Insert a bamboo skewer, if it comes out clean, the cake is done. 12.When 11 is cooled, slice them into two piece of equal thickness. 13.Combine 400ml of heavy whipping cream and 15g of sugar. Beat until it to a stiffer consistency. 14.Fold 18 crushed Oreos into 13. 15.Spread 14 onto 12, and assemble the slices together. 16.Finished! Work hard to eat it. *Notes* The amount of cocoa powder should be 25% of the cake flour. The ratio of cocoa powder and black cocoa powder should be 2:3. Regular cocoa powder was added because the black cocoa powder does not have sufficient cocoa flavor. #Giant #Oreo #OddlySatisfying #Cake #Recipe #Originator #ASMR #ジャイアント #オレオ #ケーキ #レシピ #作り方 #元祖 #本家 #音フェチ

This is the amazing musical ice cream pop candy cart (shop CNDirect ) Learn the names of colors and names of foods such as strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream, lollipop, popsicle, etc. Cart plays many different children's songs and nursery rhymes. Watch and learn as Barbie, Elsa and Anna from Frozen buy sweets and ice cream from the cart!

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