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FRUIT NINJA of INDIA | Amazing Fruits Cutting Skills | Indian Street Food

Badshah juice center is small street food truck located in Goregaon west, Mumbai. They serves up some amazing thirst quenchers and summer coolers with fresh fruits and ice-cream. From milkshakes to fresh fruit juices, ice-creams and fruits with cream, Badshah never disappoints when it comes to cooling you down. They also have seasonal sundaes with fruits like custard apple that ice-cream lovers will not want to miss. Address : Badshah Juice Center, Road No. 2, Jawahar Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai


Ultimate egg tricks video showing 40 incredible edible egg tricks you can try in your home kitchen. Life hacks with eggs that are shown in this video: 1. Pealing an egg with a shaker 2. Pealing a boiled egg 3. Bacon cups with eggs 4. Fried ham and egg bread 5. Avo eggs 6. Bacon egg and blueberries bunny 7. How to hold up an egg 8. Microwave egg 9. Herbs in egg 10. Pepper and Onion Rings 11. Different fried eggs 12. Egg funnel 13. Egg candles 14. How long to cook an egg 15. How fresh is an egg 16. How old is an egg 17. Baking eggs 18. Bouncy egg 19. Chopstick egg 20. Separating an egg with your hand 21. Bottle yolk grabber 22. Egg cutter 23. Cheesy fried bread 24. Scrambled egg in microwave 25. Pepper and Onion Rings 26. Herb Fried Egg 27. Colourful Eggs 28. Colourful Eggs 2 29. Heart Eggs 30. Egg sandwich 31. Heart Yolk 32. Heart Sausage Eggs 33. Poached Eggs 34. Straw Hack 35. Getting shell out with water 36. Eggshell cleaner hack 37. Egg Bunny 38. Boiled egg in kettle 39. Egg Basket 40. Microwave fried eggs See more egg tricks in my other videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwaCNf8K6Oc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voztwgixwtg Thank you for watching my video

The Biggest Scrambled Eggs by Grandpa | How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

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DIY Watermelon Juice Tricks

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How To Harvest Mango ? - Mango Harvesting & Farming

Click Here To Subscribe : http://goo.gl/Wvp7qV How To Harvest Mango ? - Mango Harvesting & Farming - mango farming techniques for picking mango YouTube -: http://www.youtube.com/c/CompletePicturesOfficial twitter : https://twitter.com/CompletePics Music : [ "music by Dyalla Swain http://soundcloud.com/dyallas" or "music by Dyalla Swain http://youtube.com/dyalla"] Worlds Best Picture Lists. We bring you the most Updated, informative, fascinating and engaging CompletePictures. The fruit from mango trees does not mature all at one time so you can pick what you want to eat immediately and leave some on the tree. Keep in mind that the fruit will take at least several days to ripen once it is picked. To harvest your mangos, give the fruit a tug. If the stem snaps off easily, it's ripe. ❤ We need massive support and love from you so,please subscribe this channel ❤ ❤ SUBSCRIBE TODAY ❥ SUBSCRIBE ❥ SUBSCRIBE NOW ❤ If you enjoyed watching subscribe for a new video every week. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Wvp7qV



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Try to Cook Watermelon Chicken in My Village - Spicy Sweet Taste
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