Perfectly cooked rice and beans (jollof) | Very tasty and yummy!

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Carrot jollof rice recipe | Very easy and tasty! A must try!!

How to make carrot stew The easiest and fastest way to make jollof rice Check out my friends carrot jollof rice recipe here: Annie Itugbu

If you are a fan of peanuts or even if you are not, watch this video!

Disclaimer! Am not good at measuring my ingredients, i just eyeball them. But with what you see in the video you can get an idea of how to add yours. And this stew is perfect for weekends, you can make as much as you want and store in your freezer. Hope you enjoy the video and pls don't forget to SHARE this video, thanks. Here is the list of ingredients used: 1 Chicken 2 Knorr cubes 3 Thyme 4 Rosemary 5 Paprika 6 Curry powder 7 Nutmeg 8 Tumeric powder 9 Minced ginger and garlic paste 10 Vegetable oil and palm oil 11 Salt 12 Onions 13 Bell peppers 14 Scotch bonnet pepper 15 Scent leaves (nchuanwu) 16 Spinach 17 Roasted peanuts. Note: you must not use all the items I used, but to get the idea of what my food tastes like, you will have to use all the ingredients I used and the same exact steps for the preparation.

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How To Cook Nigerian Coconut Rice

learn how to prepare a simple and tasty coconut rice recipe. you can serve the coconut rice with my special chicken with mixed vegetable sauce. Please don't forget to subscribe like, share and turn on the notification bell for more videos. Thanks

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