Perfectly cooked rice and beans (jollof) | Very tasty and yummy!

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How to make a tasty fresh tomatoes and turkey stew | Spend less time in the kitchen.

This video is in collaboration with my YouTube friend UKENNADI KITCHEN. Pls check out her channel and watch her video to see how she made her own stew. Her channel link Her stew video Disclaimer! This collaboration is not to show who cooks better.... We are just doing this to help each other grow on this platform which is YouTube. I really hope you enjoy this video and pls don't forget to SHARE it with your friends and family.

How To Make Nigerian Fried Rice | Easy Fried Rice Recipe | Home4foodsTv

Recipe For Fried Rice Fried is simply yellow rice stir fried in veggies. It is delicious and also enjoyed by many. Give it a try. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more recipes. Ingredients: • 1 Kg long rice • 1/2 Cup of liver meat • 1 kg Chicken • 2 Tablespoons of Seasoning • 2 Teaspoons of Curry powder • 2 Fresh Habanero pepper • 1/2 cup runner beans • 1 cup of mix veggies (green peas, sweet corn & red bell pepper) • 1 Big onion • 1/2 Cup of spring onion • 2 - 3 Tsp of olive oil • 1 Tsp of dry thyme • 1 Tablespoon of salt PREPARATION OF VEGETABLES • Step 1: Scrape the back of the carrots, Wash and dice. • Step 2: Remove the seeds from the green bell pepper, Wash and dice. • Step 3: Wash and dice the runner beans. • Step 4: Wash and chop the Onions. Set the veggies aside. PREPARATION OF CURRIED RICE • Step 1: Cut and wash your chicken into large sizes. Add chucks of onions, thyme, salt, enough water and 1 tablespoon of seasoning. Cover and cook on high until the chicken is done. Take it off the heat and run it through a strainer. Put the chicken into the oven and set the stock aside for later use. • Step 2: Parboil the long rice in water for about 10mins. Cooking for this short period of time ensures it doesn't get too soft before the curried rice preparation as well as removes some of the starch to prevent it from sticking together. Wash and rinse with clean cold water like I did in the video. • Step 2: Place the washed rice in a pot and add the Chicken stock Add some water, Curry powder (For color and taste ducros curry is will be perfect), Seasoning cubes, Salt to taste. Cover the pot and leave to cook till the liquid in the pot dries up leaving the softened But not too soft rice. FRYING THE RICE • Fried rice is usually done in batches (if you want to go the Authentic way) so you would have to divide the veggies, rice and liver into 4 or more batches depending on the size of your wok or frying pan. • Step 1: Heat two tbsp of vegetable oil/olive in a large pan or wok. • Step 2: Add the batch 1 veggies (carrot, green pepper, peas, runner beans, spring onions) and stir-fry for about 1 minute. Add the liver and stir-fry for 2mins. Add the rice and stir to incorporate the mixture, leave for 1 or 2 minute before turning out into a pot. • Repeat the process above till the whole batch is used up. • Note : If you do not want to go through the stress, Simply Stir-fry all the veggies and liver in a pan, Add it to the curried rice and mix to incorporate. Leave to heat further on low heat before turning off the burner. Enjoy your fried rice 😘😘 Like our Facebook page for more updates

10 Minute One-Pot Rice And Beans Sausage Recipe

One-Pot Rice And Beans Sausage Recipe Is Quick And Easy With Tons Of Flavor!!!! All It Takes Is 20 Minutes To Plate Up This Amazing Dish. Or If In A Hurry 10 Minutes By Simply Using 2 Minute Rice!!!! Recipe Written In English And Español. Watch In HD 1080p. 10 Minute One-Pot Rice And Beans Sausage Recipe Receta de salchicha de arroz y frijoles One-Pot es rápida y fácil con toneladas de sabor !!!! Todo lo que se necesita es 20 minutos para platear este plato increíble. O si se apura 10 minutos simplemente usando 2 minutos de arroz !!!! Receta escrita en inglés y en español. Mire en HD 1080p. Salchicha de arroz y frijoles de una sola olla de 10 minutos

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Very tasty and flavourful PARTY JOLLOF RICE with GOAT MEAT | A must try!

This is something I have long been wanting to share with you guys... I know there are lots of party jollof rice recipes out there! But seriously, you have to try this particular recipe and see if people will not be asking for more!

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