The Sims 4: Homeless Challenge // Getting A Job (Part 17)

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The Sims Life Stories: Vincent's Story (Part 10)

In this part, Vincent enjoys a day to himself! He plays his video games & relaxes in his pajamas! Sherman tells him some news about Samantha's sabotages & his satellite. Also, Vincent finally goes on a good date with Naomi and they have their first kiss!

The Sims 4: Seasons // Honeymoon At Selvadorada (Part 25)

The husband and wife say "Bon Voyage!" as they head to the jungle part of the world - Selvadorada! They learn about their culture and take plenty of photos! They enjoy being together and visiting the bar often to try new Latin drinks, & show off some new Latin Pop songs on the guitar!

The Sims Life Stories: Vincent's Story // The Finale (Part 12)

Vincent and Naomi went to the mall to have fun when Samantha and her new husband, Johnny, came along. They had a huge fight! Then Naomi came over to Vincent's house and they enjoyed the night together! But something awful happens and it forces Vincent to make a choice!

6: Architectural Designer (Part 20)

Racey continues on her path in the career of Architectural Designer! She gets decent reviews this time around! Also, Richie gets abducted by aliens and Milly dies of old age. Dang, Blair is outliving everybody!

The Sims 4: Seasons // Trouble, Trouble (Part 28)

Lynn learns about Naomi's marriage and they have an argument about whether or not this was the right idea. Thank goodness Ginger was around the corner to cool things down... Also, because Bridget is starting feel jealous of Sunny, she gets to invite her friends over. But she learns about Monica's bullies and decides to yell at Nadia! The club changes because of this...

Lynn finally gets a job! She has been working hard with making her own furniture for her house, practicing the guitar for her job, and earning promotions to get her daughter back! Bridget is growing up too fast!!

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