How to on off group post approval on Facebook

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How to Approve Visitor Post on a Managed Facebook Page

Here's how to to approve visitor post on a MANAGED Facebook page as of September, 14, 2017 until Facebook makes changes This cannot be done from the Notifications link at top of your Facebook page even though you can see the post the visitor submitted. 1)Click on "Settings"(upper right) IF "Settings" is not there, then click on "Help" and a drop down will appear with "Settings" 2) Scroll to bottom of column of the left and click on "Activity Log" 3) Find the visitor post submission you seek. Click on the icon in upper right of the visitor post submission and a drop down will appear. (This icon could be a ✏️ pencil or a 🚫"prohibited sign, a circle with slash) 4)Choose "Allowed on Page" Note that once you approve the visitor's post will be in on the right of your page under "Visitor Posts" and will not appear in same column as your own posts to your own page

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Facebook || How To Use Post Approval Option In Facebook Group

How To Add Post Approval Privacy In Facebook Group

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How to Use Facebook Group Insights

Facebook recently launched a set of new analytics features for groups, enabling group admins to get a better understanding of key trends and behaviors in order to help optimize the groups experience. Learn how to use Facebook group insights to monitor and tailor your posts for optimum engagement!

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