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Complete Article & Recipe: Consommé...the old school Frenchy soup with crystal clarity and robust flavors that dwells in the nightmares of culinary school students around the world. While feared and loathed for it's finicky nature by young cooks, consommé really isn't that scary once you understand the basic concepts behind making it, and how a clarification raft works. But before we get into the consommé making process, we first need a little perspective. Flavor, Stocks, & Broths As I discussed extensively in the comment section of my braised beef short rib video, making stock at home is important for specific cooking applications due to the gelatin content extracted from bones; something that most commercially available stocks lack. Without gelatin you'll have a tough time making a full pan reduction sauce or glazing braised meat. This is why traditional stocks are made with collagen rich bones like knuckles, necks and backs. When moisture and heat are applied, the collagen breaks down, yielding the gelatin needed for so many professional level applications. However, while bones contain a lot of collagen, they're short on flavor. This is generally acceptable though since most stocks are reduced and reinforced before final use, to add flavor and increase gelatin concentration. Yet for a truly flavorful stock, you need... Continue Reading: Follow Me On Twitter @ChefJacob FaceBook

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A consommé is made by adding a mixture of ground meat, that can be of beef mutton or chicken together with mirepoix (a combination of flavourful vegetables I.e carrots, celery, and onion) and egg whites into stock. The key to making a high quality consommé is simmering the prolong simmering of the consommé gives it a rich flavour Chicken mince 300 gram Chicken Stock. 2 litter Thyme Few sprigs Bay leaf. 2 no Onion. 2 no Carrot. 50 g Celery. 50 g Egg White. 3 no Pepper corn. 5 to 6 no Mix the finely chopped vegetables with chicken mince and egg white Add stock and mix well Transfer in stove and Cook stirring continuously until it reaches the first boil As soon as it reaches the first boil simmer the gas and let it cook in low flame You will see the raft would develop on top Cook this on low heat for 2 hours Strain and serve

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Beef Consommé Recipe. A wonderful, flavoursome beef consommé. Warming on chillier days. Relish our Beef Consommé recipe. Subscribe! Check Out Our Channel Page: Like Us On Facebook! Follow Us On Twitter! Watch This and Other Related films here:

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